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    Hurriyet children’s club iPad magazine

    Hurriyet children’s club iPad magazine The Hurriyet children’s club iPad magazine has been published in design. We did the scales from 98 to 152. It was between July 2015 and August 2016. I made animated pages, visual editing, sound effects and editing (sometimes). The news flow was aimed at children.      Live preview   http://hck.hurriyet.com.tr/archive/index.aspx   Contact us for your design needs  

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    what is digital design

    Digital design, as its name implies, covers a wide range of content digitally created by graphic artists on computers such as the visual content you see on phones, tablets, computers and web pages. It is not on paper but on a screen and RGB color codes are used. The main areas of digital design are: Web design Web sites are usually set up for companies,  serving a variety of purposes. For example, shopping and product service promotion, etc.  Application design Applications are the products we use in our devices such as tablets or phones.  Different brands have different platforms and designs are made according to each platform.  Digital drawing This enters more…

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    Design is not luxury ,it is necessary

    Design has become a necessity today. There is only one way to promote a company and win the customer: Visualization made with a unique and memorable design. The basic elements of this visualization include factors such as color, logo, letterhead, business card, website. This kind of design is called a corporate identity design. It is the content that should be done firstly by companies entering into newly established business life. It starts with your company’s logo. For example, your business card design allows you to remind what your services are. Certainly do not use another company’s logo, one or more of its symbols. It can lead to legal problems as well as the advertising…

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    what is art work

    Art, in its most crude sense, is understood as the expression of creativity  or imagination. There is no rule to art, it should be considered as the maker’s feelings transformed  into action. The artist should not be restricted or feel hesitant about  using  different methods. Art is an aesthetic rational activity directed towards the purpose of creating something that is not in nature. The most important feature of a work of art is that it is one. Every work of art has aesthetic value. An artist is somebody who has gained skill or mastery based on natural ability or experience gained by making art works or rendering imagination into solid forms. The…

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    what is web design

    Web design covers many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The areas covered by Web design can be sorted as follows; Graphic design Interface design Standardized code Custom software User experience design Search engine optimization Articles and promotional articles The web design term is normally used to describe the design process associated with front-end (client-side) design of a web site. You need a domain name  (www.aaa.com) and hosting (website hosting area) to publish your web design. Also another aspect web designers should know about is the user experience design.  It is expected to adapt the web pages without disturbing the visual identities of the brands…

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    what is animation

    Animation is a moving image that is obtained by showing several images in rapid succession. The first animations were made by drawing the desired images on a few sheets of paper and quickly swapping the paper or turning it into a circle. Today, computer technology allows both vector and pixel-based animations. Animation films can be categorized into techniques commonly used in 3D, 2D, stop motion, cut-out, etc. Animators are artists who specialize in creating animation. The analog media (including cel animations) and digital ones like,  animated GIF, Flash animations and digital video formats, can be captured on a motion picture film, video tape or on a totally digital format. Animation…

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    what is a symbol

    Letters, words and shapes that express a common idea, concept or meaning. Some things that are difficult to understand through the sensory organs can be made understood through symbols.  It is used in mathematics, chemistry, country flags, etc. It has been used as coat of arms since ancient times in the kingdoms. Today, companies have symbols that indicate their identity. Logo designs are made using symbols and texts together. Thus, the identity design of the company emerges. Different logos refer to different companies. The design of a symbol is done in this way: requests ☞ name ☞ idea finding ☞ skech drawings ☞ regulation ☞ approval  ☞  final state Logo designs are…

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