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    Photo manipulation

    Photo manipulation involves transforming or altering a photo using a variety of methods and techniques to achieve the desired results. Some photo manipulations are considered as master crafts. It is mainly used for cinema and visual efects. On the other hand, digital manipulation is usually used for photography. It is to make the photographs taken specifically for a composition, completely different with softwares like Photoshop.  There is a great difference between the final version and the first version. It is a process of creating non-objects or scenes. It is important that the photographs are of similar light tones, of similar angle and the texture. These details are indispensable for a successful…

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    Poster Design

    Poster design Since the smartphones and tablets have taken over, poster design is said to be a type of outdated design. Actually this is a quite the wrong conviction: It’s changing and adapting to technology.  Posters usually work vertically but in digital format, like popup ads and banners which can also be horizontal, this adaption of poster design is also proven.  Today,  it can be said that the popup ads we see when we open a website,  or a banner,  are another type of poster design. In addition, many shops, workplaces and exhibition areas use poster designs for information purposes. Poster designs are advertising products that are never out of date. Today…

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    what is art work

    Art, in its most crude sense, is understood as the expression of creativity  or imagination. There is no rule to art, it should be considered as the maker’s feelings transformed  into action. The artist should not be restricted or feel hesitant about  using  different methods. Art is an aesthetic rational activity directed towards the purpose of creating something that is not in nature. The most important feature of a work of art is that it is one. Every work of art has aesthetic value. An artist is somebody who has gained skill or mastery based on natural ability or experience gained by making art works or rendering imagination into solid forms. The…

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    effective color design

    We call it the reflection of the light coming from the surface. There are three main colors. Yellow, red and blue. The definition of intermediate colors consist of blending the primary colors. If the rays falling on the surface are absorptive, they appear black. The reflection of the rays of the sun on the madden, the view is white. We live our lives with colors and they affect our mood and lives through our psychology.   Psychological Effects of Colors A color can trigger negative feelings such as stress, anger, impatience and distress, while at the same time anither color can create an environment of peace, happiness and comfort. Red;…

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